Dress for Success (Men)

Dressing for success at the client site can be a daunting task at first, but once you have a good, foundational wardrobe, dressing for success will be as easy as mixing and matching.


When picking out shirts, fit is key. Be sure get your shirts tailored if they don’t fit perfectly off-the-shelf — with the right fit, you can make a $29 generic brand shirt look better than that $200 Hugo Boss your pretentious senior manager wears. Here are some great options:


This shirt comes in 8 color combinations and 13 size options. With such a large variety you can make sure you get the perfect fitting shirt in enough colors to last the work week and more.

Calvin Klein Non Iron Slim Fit

Calvin Klein is an incredibly well-known and respected brand that won’t break the budget. These shirts will save you a LOT of time each morning since you don’t have to iron them! As a bonus, this particular shirt comes in over a dozen color options.


When choosing what pants to wear to your client’s site, please keep their dress code in mind – not all clients allow jeans. When in doubt, err on the formal side (a nice looking pair of dress slacks always work well).

Amazon Essentials Slim Fit Pant

When dressing for success, slim fit pants are a must — the days of baggy and oversized pants are over. Amazon offers slim fit pants that have rave reviews – 65% of all reviewers gave these pants 5 stars.

7 for all Mankind

If your client is on the casual side, getting a pair of jeans that will last you years is a great option. These jeans from 7 for all Mankind are extremely comfortable and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are the one area in which I always recommend going high-end. Well-made dress shoes last much longer than some cheaper brands and are more comfortable. Be sure to also get a shoe care kit along with it so you can take great care of them. And remember, never wear brown shoes with black pants.

Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue

This is the only pair of shoes I’ll recommend here because it’s the only one I can personally attest to. I have owned these shoes in the Chili color for years — I also bought a shoe care kit from Allen Edmonds that keep them looking brand new every day. These shoes look great, are versatile, and last a long time with proper care.

Pro Tip: Allen Edmonds also offers matching belts!

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